Dawn Bar

Quầy Bar Flyup Resort: A place to relax and enjoy the taste of the sea.

Set amidst a beautiful beach and picturesque natural surroundings, Flyup Resort’s Bar is the ideal destination to relax and enjoy the taste of the sea.

With a coastal location, Bar creates a great space for customers to soak in the ocean space and enjoy moments of absolute relaxation. You can sit on high chairs and look out at the blue sea, along with the soothing sound of waves crashing, creating a relaxing and romantic atmosphere.

Our Bar not only meets the needs of cool drinks but also offers creative and diverse cocktails. The team of professional and experienced bartenders here will create unique style cocktails, combining fresh flavors of fruits and special aromas. In addition, we also have a diverse wine list, from delicate wines to bold spirits, to satisfy every customer’s taste.

Not only a relaxing destination, Bar is also a great place to enjoy dates, meet friends or relax after a day of walking. We are always committed to providing customers with a comfortable space, professional service and enjoyable music space, creating a memorable experience.

Coming to Flyup Resort’s Bar adjacent to the coast, you will feel the perfect combination of beautiful nature and the wonderful taste of the sea. Visit us to relax and enjoy delicious drinks in this unique space.